Lean Production

Streamline your production!

Lean production methods have proven successful in increasing productivity. W&W GmbH can help you too to optimize your production methods and processes. We identify improvement potential and utilize your ideas.  The rules of lean production call for new questions to be brought forward from time to time in order to consistently improve the efficiency of your production. Quality assurance measures round off this process and lead to a reduction in waste.


Case study

The example displayed here serves to illustrate that by means of manufacturing two variations with three pre-fabrications and one final assembly, it is possible to track stock inventory before, after and during every process. A system to recognize and deliver error messages during individual processes as well as recognizing improvement potential is simple to install. There is strict separation of systems which add value and those which decrease value.

Error prevention is primarily possible by keeping specific components for the different models on stock. Great importance is given to avoiding unnecessary waste through complicated processes and nonessential operations. Attention is given to ergonomic principles as well as handles during construction of these resources. The flow of materials is clearly defined and therefore potential for improvement can be quickly identified.