Our Safeguarding Equipment

W&W safeguarding at a highly technical level

W&W safeguarding and housings provide optimal protection for your employees’ health and safety while still meeting the pre-determined production conditions. The requirements for sound insulation, emission control and privacy screens or clean room parameters are often very complex. These require experience, careful planning and detailed consultation to find each individual solution. Our competence minimizes mistakes and so saves you time, reduces your costs and saves you unnecessary stress. As your ideal partner we are always conscious of the active protection of your employees, your materials and your machines. Even under intense pressure we strive to achieve optimal results in line with your requirements. This is in accordance with our motto: individual solutions of perfection.





Partition Systems

Flexibility and a high level of safety

W&W partitions offer the best protection while simultaneously providing flexibility. Simple and easy accessibility is specifically important for wall elements. This is achieved by using removable frames, sliding and swinging doors or open entrances with light grid safeguarding among other things. All surface elements are built to your specifications and to meet your requirements, you determine the materials. We combine this design flexibility with safety: together we develop a partition suitable for your needs. Your specifications form an important basis. We add our experience to this basis. For example, privacy screens play a different role compared to hall partitions for individual workstations or soundproofing partitions. Our competent consultation eases your decision making; our experience prevents mistakes occurring and therefore saves costs. Several of our proven safety fastenings go above and beyond what is required by the safety procedures for machinery.